Professional.      Believable.     Safe.
The MerFriends is a professional troupe of believable mermaids, mermen, fairies, and pirates.

The pirates, fairies, mermaids, and mermen are all originally from the NeverLand Lagoon. After Peter Pan defeated Captain Hook once and for all, the pirates needed a job. Merfolk are always up for fun, so they joined together and set sail for this great place called Texas to seek adventure. Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and even Captain Hook himself soon followed.

Since forming, the mermaids and mermen have worked together to perfect their water skills. They also wrote and choreographed their various shows. The pirates have attended stage combat workshops, learning to adequately handle the very real swords and daggers. The Fairies and Peter Pan have worked with a fly coordinator so they are ready to take off as soon as they think their happiest thoughts. Each member of the troupe is CPR, First Aide, and Lifeguard certified. The MerFriends have swim practice twice a week, inservice training once a quarter, and rehearsals for performances as needed. They have all been through a 3 month apprenticeship, preparing for their appearances with senior performers. Our commitment is to be Professional, Believable, and Safe which requires ongoing training and practice. 

Meet the Troupe!
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MerFolk                MerWranglers        Bonus
                                                        appearing as pirates, Sailor Prince, 
                                                            and other costume characters

Kelly, The Little Mermaid                       Chris                                    Peter Pan
Merman Lir                                            Eric                                      Tinker Bell                                                                              
Geordie, The English Mermaid             Jason                                   Captain Hook                                                                
Jordan the Mermaid                              J. Campbell                         Michelle, the Fairy

Sirena Luna                                          Joshua                                  The Rainforest Fairy

Bwalya the Mermaid                             Andrew B.                            The Water Fairy

Calysta the Mermaid                             Jorge                                    

Meriah the Broadway Mermaid            Andrew W.                                      

Kelsey the Mermaid                              Carlo

Laura the Mermaid                               Michael              

Land Support

Mer-Admiral Laura L. Watson     

Mer-Admin Meg Brooks          Merketing Associate Jordan Capo

When booking The MerFriends, you can specify which troupe members you want.
All appearances come with TWO (2) performers, and you can mix and match any two.
(Some events will require the second performer to be a MerWrangler so to maintain the illusion.) 
Three or more troupe members can always be scheduled at a discounted rate.                                                              682-706-2485