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He said it was the best day ever
We hired Mermaid Laura and Merman Lir to give Mer Lessons for my son's 7th birthday. The Merfriends helped arrange a discount with the indoor pool and brought an extra child's size tail for his sister to borrow. William was in mermaid heaven, so glad we chose the MerFriends!
Reviewer:Amanda W.
Event: Private Mercademy in Plano, TX

Fun night on the Rooftop
MerFriends promptness and dependability eased my stress in planning a surprise for my daughter's birthday. Their appearance was quite a topic of conversation and they did not disappoint my anticipation! I would definitely recommend them! My son asked afterwards, "Why didn't I get a mermaid for my birthday?"
Reviewer:Roxanne B.
Event: Adult's Birthday in Dallas, TX

Laura has made a lasting impression on my 3 year old daughter and her friends. She was very friendly and patient with the kids. She looks as real of a mermaid as the once you see on TV. Even the adults at the party where amazed. She gave a kids ride on her back, she sang songs, and they touched her tail, talked. She most definitely has made our party magical. She has even gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us find a venue for our party. We would recommend her to anyone. Thank you for everything Laura, you Rock!!!
Reviewer:Kid K.
Event: Child's Birthday Party in Allen, TX

Mermaid Themed Birthday Party
The party could not have been more perfect. Mermaid Heather (Pyra) reached out prior to the party to confirm everything. She showed up looking amazing. My daughter and the other girls were super surprised. My daughter never stopped smiling. It was perfect!!!!!!! Thank you for making her party so GRAND!!!
Reviewer: Amanda L. 
Event: Child's Birthday Party in McKinney, Texas


Aimee Bryant Pryor  - 5 stars
The Merfriends are amazing! They are all so patient & gentle with young kids. The Pirates & Peter Pan have very realistic accents & are also great with kids of all ages - interacting with them, helping them play games, telling them about where they came from, etc. Meeting the Merfriends was a truly magical experience that my daughter will remember for a long, long time! Thank you for your hard work & professionalism to create these special memories.

Alexis Jade Davis - 5 stars
Laura the Mermaid was a huge hit at my daughter's birthday party! All the kids gasped and couldn't believe there was a mermaid in the pool! The guests are still talking about the mermaid months later and my daughter asks about her anytime we get in the pool:)Mermaid Laura was so graceful in the water and spoke to each guest even taking pictures, much to their delight! My favorite thing was even though she entertained everyone she never forgot who the birthday girl was and spent lots of special one on one time with her. It made a huge impression and that little birthday girl smile said it all. Hooray for Mermaid Laura! I would highly recommend her for your next event!

Michael Clark - 5 stars
Great birthday party fun. They really get into their roles while simultaneously interacting with kids and parents.

Durelle Price - 5 stars
We hosted our granddaughter's "Under the Sea" birthday party at our home. That day my husband had been on a business trip and drove straight from the airport. Talking to a guest, he glanced out the window and saw Mermaid Laura in the pool. Later he commented that even as a grown-up, "there's something magical about seeing a mermaid swimming in your pool!" The children ages 2-13 were all mesmerized by Mermaid Laura. She has mastered the graceful mermaid glide through the water. Weeks later in the pool our granddaughter is still calling out "meeee-maid where are yoooou?" We tell her Mermaid Laura is visiting other children on their special day. Most memorable party EVER! Mermaid Laura rocks!!

Dannielle Nicky Chappell - 5 stars
Heather and Jack were amazing, they were great with the kids and adults alike. They both were super friendly and made the day special and my daughter has not stopped talking about it since the party!!

Holly Hayes Simmons - 5 stars
We had Mermaid Olive come and swim at my daughter’s birthday party today. My daughter was SO happy the entire time and I hated for the party to end for her! Olive and Eric were both kind, patient, friendly and so easy to work with. It was truly magical! I HIGHLY recommend The Merfriends! Thanks for such a memorable 4th birthday that we will be talking about for a long time!

Carrie Ramirez- 5 stars
My son had his pirate party today and the kids had a blast. Calysta and Captain Sparrow did a great job. My son's favorite part was the sword fighting.

David Muñoz - 5 stars
So professional and friendly! Perfect for our pool party. Merman Lir and Merman Sevryn were fantastic!

Jennifer Noble Morris - 5 stars
Mermaid Calysta and Merhandler Eric were awesome! They did a great job at my daughter’s party! She loved it!

KP Smith - 5 stars
Unbelievable time at The Mercademy!!! Truly a professional mermaid teaching wonderful skills in the pool 💞

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Diane W - 5 stars
Dreams came true when she met the best swimming Ariel and Eric! Amazing expedited service!! By the grace of God, they were available the next afternoon! They were extremely fun energetic, and the best mermaids my daughter can dream of! The best part was the awesome video footage. They were a great team! Beautiful people who were knowledgeable and educational! My daughter wants to be just like Ariel and wants them at every birthday party! We are signing up for mermaid classes in the fall. 

Leanna C.- 5 stars
The Merfriends sent Peter Pan and Captain Hook to the Alvarado Public Library as part of our Summer Reading Program. They were wonderful! Their costumes were colorful and very detailed. Captain Hook read a story to the children and parents about pirates. The Peter Pan and Captain Hook acted out an exciting skit, using a child from the audience to play Tiger Lily, about Neverland and whether or not you should become a pirate.
I highly recommend them for any public event or private party.

Sheri D- 5 stars
I booked Laura the Mermaid and Christo Chief of Mischief for a client of ours. I was so impressed to hear that they are all certified Lifeguards & CPR trained and that they bring Lifejackets with them to every event. As a certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor myself, this was most impressive to me. Yes, the wonderful experience of a live Mermaid and MerWrangler (pirate) are so exciting to see, but the fact they take time to go over water safety with the children. I can say I will always book my Mermaid Parties with Mer Friends.

Christie C- 5 stars
My eight year old daughter and her friends can't stop talking about how much fun they had swimming with a REAL MERMAID at her birthday party. Our mermaid Calysta and her wrangler Sailor Prince Chris were both entertaining and highly professional. They each played their part so believably while taking care to ensure everyone at the party had a great experience. I was surprised at how quickly even the four year old at the party learned how to swim with her mermaid tail. One of the girls at the party said this was the best party she'd ever been to, "and it wasn't even mine!" We can't wait to see the go-pro camera videos they took of our little mermaids swimming under water. I highly recommend the Mer Friends to anyone with an aspiring mermaid in their family. This is a unique experience these girls are likely to remember for the rest of their lives.


Tamsyn Mansfield- 5 stars
Jordan and Josh came to my daughters 4th birthday as a mermaid and pirate duo. They were fantastic. Professional and personable, Jordan gave the guests a mini mermaid swimming lesson as well as giving mermaid rides. They both posed for several photos, and even came inside to sing Happy birthday before they left. Wonderful memories and would definitely recommend.

Tina A- 5 stars
Laura the Mermaid and Mermaid Pyra came out to an event I help co-host and did a fantastic job! Children and adults alike loved seeing their beautiful costumes all evening. The pool wouldn't have been the same without them and their pirate companions.
Professional.      Believable.      Safe.                                                                 682-706-2485