Swimming MerPerson with MerWrangler 

Event host must provide the water source (i.e. the pool, river, lake, etc.) The MerWrangler will carry the MerPerson in and out of your event. The MerWrangler will remain near the MerPerson at all times and will interact with guests in character, pose for photos, and answer questions. A merman who needs to be carried will require a second merwrangler at the additional cost of $50/hour. As time allows, the mermaid/man will swim with guests, answer questions, and pose for pictures. S/he will show off his/her water tricks, teach participants how to swim like a mermaid/man, give mer-rides to children under 80 pounds, and organize water activities such as races, diving for treasure, and improvised obstacle courses. These events are perfect for children and/or adults. All quotes are for a minimum of 2 performers, but you are welcome to add on as many as you like. Discounts apply when booking 3 or more characters!
Dry Appearance 

Our mermaids/mermen can even entertain while dry. The NeverLand “photo set” is highly portable and includes a giant 3D clam, pearl cushions, treasure chest, fishing nets, NeverLand colored fabric for effect, and other mer-inspired decor to make the perfect photo- accommodating individuals and groups. MerFolk and pirates will answer questions and interact with guests, always in character. They tell stories, sing songs, and apply temporary tattoos in addition to posing for photos.  As a reminder- MerFolk CANNOT stand or walk in their tails. A dry event is a stationary event. The MerFriends always emphasize water responsibility- responsible to, for, and around the water. We utilize our sea treasures from our treasure box for a hands-on, interactive learning experience. 

The same pricing applies for our BONUS characters: Captain Hook, Captain Pigglesworth, Captain Sparrow, Tinker Bell, and Peter Pan. They are NOT stationary and can move around your event at will.
Professional.     Believable.     Safe.
Swimming MerPerson in a Portable Tank

The mermaid/man will appear in the 500 gallon tank for guests to take pictures alongside. The mermaid/man can surface so as to answer questions or pose for photos above the water as well. Guests are NOT allowed to enter or sit on the tank. The MerWrangler is included as well, and he will remain alongside the tank to interact with guests, pose for photos, and answer questions. Host must provide the water so to fill the tank, and the tank must be drained where it sits before it can load out.
Professional Mer-Photographer

Our professional photographer will capture all the best moments above and below the surface of your event as The MerFriends entertain. The MerFriends will work with participants on how to pose underwater so to capture the very best photos. Event host will receive digital copies of all photos as well as 10 edited photos suitable for printing in a variety of sizes. An edited video of the event, including underwater footage, is available. There is an additional fee for video and is dependent on length of video desired. There is no limit on the number of guests who can be included in your photos and video.
Mermaid Makeovers

Our mer-makeup artist will come to your event and give MER-MAKEOVERS for up to 5 guests in about 1 hour. Mer-makeovers include hair accessories, jewelry, glittery eye makeup, fingernails, and temporary tatoos all styled individually. The finished look is waterproof- ideal BEFORE the swimming mermaid arrives so you are ready for your photo-shoot with her! (Fabric tails not included in mer-makeovers.) Hair accessories and jewelry are borrowed from the mer-makeup artist and will be returned at the end of your event.
The MerFriends Show 
$300 and up

The MerFriends can perform full water ballets, safety day demonstrations, or just about anything you can conceive given enough time to prepare. These shows can be performed with as few as 3 MerFriends or involve the entire troupe. For example, our comedic safety day skits, where pirates fall off their inflatable boat without their lifejackets, are popular with children and adults. Our first water ballet, Rescued Love, is a romantic story between merman and pirate wench and is appropriate for all audiences but geared for teens and adults. Our second ballet, Fashion's Treasures, was choreographed to open a fashion show with the catwalk over the pool. Siren Maker was created for a Halloween Freak Show. For your feisty adult audience, we have our Merlesque routines. If you want a show, we can provide one- choreographed with your venue and audience in mind. Safety is our priority and therefore our Safety Day Demonstrations are offered at a deep discount and free for non-profit organizations.
Info@TheMerFriends.com                                                                       682-706-2485
The MerFriends are available for a variety of events, swimming or dry, and will entertain audiences of all ages. 
From children's birthday parties to water ballets to 
unique photo booths - 
The MerFriends are the perfect addition to any event!
To choose your performers, please visit Meet Us.

Given the variables, we provide written quotes to our clients on a per-event basis. An event is considered booked when the booking contract is approved AND the booking fees are received. We welcome phone calls, but all quotes and booking details will be approved in writing via email. This means: WE DO NOT QUOTE PRICING OR PERFORMER AVAILABILITY OVER THE PHONE. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Fees: Each event is charged a $25/hour booking fee. The MerFriends travel up to 100 miles and 2 hours from DFW Airport at no charge. After 100 miles, it is $0.70cents/billable mile, and each hour after the first is $20/performer. Any event that is booked with less than 7 days to prepare may be charged a $50 late booking fee.

Prices are negotiable to an extent. 
We will match any competitor's written quote, service for service.

The Complete Mervolution

We will work with you to choose up to 3 mermaid looks including props, backdrops, tails, and tops prior to your session. We will also help you choose the ideal location for your photoshoot should you want to be in water, and set up a staging area for preparations nearby. 
    The day of your session, our professional makeup artist will do a complete makeover onsite (45 minutes-1 hour prep time) which includes hair, makeup, fingernails, and body art. The finished look is waterproof and camera ready. The photographer will shoot for about one hour, grabbing as many poses and shots as possible for each look (about 15 minutes/style with time in between to touch up hair and makeup). However, we will shoot until you are happy.
    You can view images as you shoot on the monitor to ensure we are creating the mermaid or merman of your dreams. 
    Within 14 days of your session, you will receive digital proofs of every photo taken from which you can choose to have 6 edited and prepared for printing. You will receive a release form so to print and frame at the facility of your choice. A photobook is also an option.
    A professionally shot and edited video of your transformation is included, and the video can be of you swimming (shot above and below the surface) for an additional $100.
    If you have a human counterpart you would like to include in your photos, they are welcome for an additonal $50. Limited costume options and a basic makeup/hair consultation are included as available and time allows. 
Lifeguards DFW
Click here for more details

We think EVERY pool party or water event should have a certified lifeguard on duty to ensure the safety of all participants. Therefore, we have partnered with Lifeguards DFW to provide certified lifeguards for your event if needed. If booked with the MerFriends, you will save $25! You may also book a lifeguard directly through Lifeguards DFW for your event- booking The MerFriends is not required. One lifeguard for every 20 swimmers (adults and children) is recommended for all swimming events. Lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross AND Ellis and Associates, and they have a minimum of 2 years experience. They will arrive with rescue tube, emergency kit, portable AED, and in lifeguard attire (suit, shirt, whistle, hat, and sunglasses.) They do NOT entertain or take photos while swimmers are in the water. They are friendly, upbeat, and professional- encouraging everyone to stay safe while having fun. 
Remember, choose your performers by visiting Meet Us. Then email us with details of your event and chosen packages so to receive a quote and booking contract.
Tail Rental
$50/tail for the length of your event

We can bring our fabric tails to your event for guests to try on and enjoy. All guests are given a short safety speech, fitted with a fabric tail (they come in children and adult sizes), given a lifejacket, and then the mermaid lessons begin. Guests are shown how to swim in a mermaid tail and then individual attention and guidance as they work to master it. Once mastered, the lifejacket can be removed. If renting 5 or more tails, the price drops to $35/tail.
Tail and Bag Purchase

You can purchase a fabric tail in just about any size or color of your choice. They come with a monofin and a personalized backpack. The tail is gift wrapped in a bag fit for your event. Upon receipt, a SHORT lesson in safety and maneuvering is given. The tail is always presented at the end of The MerFriends' appearance so that well intentioned friends do not damage the tail. 
Sea Crown Coronation Ceremony  

The host will be presented with a custom made seashell crown at the end of your event. After a short, age appropriate ceremony, the crown will be placed on the host's head. A gift to keep from your MerFriends. This is a lovely gift for ANYONE, children and adults, male and female custom designed for fit, colors, and seashells.
Parting Treasure Boxes for Guests 
$7/box, 5 box minimum

NeverLand Treasure Boxes are available for each guest (5 box minimum). They are age appropriate and filled with delightful treasures you picked out for your guests. Treasures include seashells, fairy dust, pirates coins, temporary tattoos, jewelry, candy, key chains, novelty items, and so forth. The treasure boxes are decorated by hand to match the theme of your event. These photos are options- anything is possible for your event!
Sea Themed Number or Letter 

The honoree will be presented with a custom made seashell figure to commemorate the special day. This is a lovely gift for ANYONE, children and adults, male and female with custom designed colors and seashells. Figurines include numbers (perfect for a birthday), letters, flowers, sea creatures, hearts, and so forth. We can discuss available options before you book.