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Mer-Admiral Laura L. Watson
For booking, please contact The MerFriends at or 682-706-2485.                                                          682-706-2485
    Laura L. Watson is an actor, writer, director, choreographer, swim instructor, and missionary from Fort Worth, Texas. She now splits her time between Los Angeles and DFW. 
    Laura dreamed of being a mermaid and escaping into a world of water from the time she was very young. This love of mermaids was not often shared by friends or family, so she tucked it away in that special place childhood day dreams are kept. This dream was finally realized in 2012 thanks to her best friend finding fabric mermaid tails online just in time for Laura's first trip to Hawaii. Embarrassed by such a "weird" passion, she tried her tail on while visiting a deserted beach during her trip. It wasn't long before she was spotted. As tourists lined up for photos, a business was born.
    Laura the Mermaid has been a professional swimming mermaid since 2012. In 2013, she formed a troupe of mermaids, mermen, and pirates called The MerFriends and founded The Mercademy, a training program for folks who wish to be transformed into MerFolks. She opened The Merket, an online store, in 2014. 
    Laura is passionate about water safety and personally oversees the training of her troupe. She also strives to establish and maintain industry standards as it pertains to water stunt performers.  
    Laura runs the business side of The MerFriends including but not limited to answering emails, returning phone calls, marketing, record keeping, taxes, troupe training, editing, and just about everything else in addition to appearing as a performer. If you reach out to The MerFriends, you will more than likely be in contact with Laura herself, though she does her best to delegate tasks to troupe members as they take on new duties. We are ever growing and doing our best to keep up with all a business enTAILS!
    You can learn more about Laura via her webpage,
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