Bringing the mystery, beauty, and acceptance 
I have found within myself to those around me. 
Safe swimming!

Laura the Mermaid is from the NeverLand Lagoon, but now splits her time between the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex and Los Angeles.
 With the help of a NeverLand Pirate,  she'll swim anywhere to be a part of your event!

Her skills include bubble shapes, flips, twists, underwater modeling, mermaid rides for children under 80 pounds, a variety of songs, and mermaid games for swimmers of all ages. She excels at transforming folk into merfolk from simple lessons up to and including the Merfolk Transformation Package.

For your event, Laura the Mermaid is happy to swim in salt, fresh, or chlorine water. She is also able to sit in a stationary position on a dry surface and pose for photos. She always emphasizes water responsibility- responsible to, for, and around our water. Motivational lectures about following a dream and how to build a successful business in a niche market are also available. 

Laura the Mermaid is fluent in MermaidAmerican Sign LanguageSpanish, and English. She speaks a little Romanian and Mandarin Chinese, too.

For booking, please contact The MerFriends at or by calling 682-706-2485.

Thank you, and Safe Swimming!
With Pirate Jake
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Laura the Mermaid