Professional.     Believable.    Safe.
Swordmaster Caj has served under many captains, but never attempted that title for himself. Instead, he prefers instructing pirate crews in the art of swashbuckling. 
He now makes his home in Dallas, Texas.

 As The MerFriend's resident Fight Choreographer and Aquatic Stunt Coordinator, Swordmaster Caj enjoys designing action scenes for their events and parties. He is co-founder of Stage Combat Dallas, and he is recognized as an Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors Caj is an Intimacy Designer, Consent Educator, and on staff with Intimacy Directors International ( as the organization's Membership Coordinator. He endeavors to bring the philosophy of both physical and emotional safety to all his work.

Swordmaster Caj is available as a MerWrangler, 
Pirate Entertainer, and Fight Coordinator.
Swordmaster Caj
For booking, please contact The MerFriends at or 682-706-2485.
En Garde!                                                        682-706-2485