Professional.     Believable.    Safe.
Captain Jason is an original crew member of the Jolly Roger, serving under Captain James Hook until his untimely defeat at the hands of Peter Pan. He now makes his home in Blue Mound, Texas.

Captain Jason is a writer, director, and actor as well as owner of Blue Knight Entertainment- a film studio located just north of Frisco. He is also an avid Hockey and Baseball fan, having played in the minor leagues of each sport when he lived in New York.  He loves to entertain children and adults with funny pirate stories. He specializes in Pirate Transformations and Lessons.

Captain Jason is available as a MerWrangler and
Pirate Entertainer.
Captain Jason
For booking, please contact The MerFriends at or 682-706-2485.
I'm afraid of frogs, but I'm terribly handsome.                                                          682-706-2485