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Merman Sevryn
Even in the depths of the abyss there is light.
Merman Sevryn is from the Mariana Trench, 
but now makes his home in Denton, Texas. 
He'll swim anywhere to be a part of your event!
His special skills include storytelling, merman rides, sing-a-longs, and organizing and competing in merman games. He is also dedicated to water conservation and environmental efforts, teaching and educating those around him in age appropriate ways.

Merman Sevryn rose from the dark abyssal waters of the Mariana Trench. Enamored with the vast beauty of the surface world, he made his way along the California coast and eventually found himself in the shimmering waters off the Gulf of Mexico. During a terrible storm, a rogue wave stranded Sevryn on a sandbar. He was luckily discovered and rescued by The Merfriends. Now in a new home with an amazing pod, Sevryn can only faintly hear the whisper of the Trench. 

After college, Merman Sevryn went to work in the film industry and hopes to move into management soon. He is also an avid cosplayer, appearing at local conventions and events as a variety of characters. 

For your event, Merman Sevryn is happy to swim in chlorine, salt, or fresh water. He is also able to sit in a stationary position on a dry surface and pose for photos.                                                        682-706-2485