Mermaid Parties for the Public

Adults (18+)
Mermaid Parties for Adults! 
1 hour
(includes tail rental and a lifejacket if needed)

This party is for adults ages 18+ because merfolk aren't just for merlings! Lifejackets are provided if needed. Swimmers will learn the correct mermaid swim technique, safety rules, and a few mermaid tricks. We take a lot of underwater photos and videos during our one hour session, too. Make sure to sign up on our email list as we NEVER publish photos or videos without your permission, but we email you links to the photos and videos instead. This way, you can share what you want! We conclude the adult class with a short underwater routine swimmers have learned along with our professional performers. As long as you are younger than our oldest mermaid (728), this is a party for you!

Times and locations are in the works. Stay tuned!