The Mercademy
Merling Camp
Spring and Summer Sessions Available

Spring Break Mercademy
It's the same as regular Mercademy except instead of once a week for one month,
 it is compacted into everyday for one week.

3rd week of March 
Children and Preteens ages 4-15 11am-1pm
Adults ages 16+ 7-9pm
Kirby Creek Natatorium
Grand Prairie, Texas

Cost includes a fabric tail^ in the color of your choice, a tail backpack, all instruction and pool fees, one edited digital photo from your photoshoot, all underwater videos unedited on private YouTube links, and free entry to our MerFriend open house and pool party on Friday March 17.

Looking for a unique summer camp for your little merling? 
The Mercademy is offering a day camp for children 
who want to transform into merfolk.

Summer Merling Camp
This is a semi- traditional day camp with dry and swimming activities 
for merlings ages 4-14.

The week of 4th of July
Kirby Creek Natatorium
Grand Prairie, Texas
  1-4pm for children ages 5-15
$375 if registered before June 15. $450 otherwise. 

Participants will:
*learn how to swim in their tail 
*learn unique mer tricks
*water safety rules concerning mers
*how to create their mer-personality 
*increase their fitness level through this unique exercise routine
*create a unique craft or keepsake each day
*have a photo shoot and mini-recital/showcase on the final day that friends and family are welcome to attend
*receive one edited digital copy of the photo of their choice with the option to purchase various photo and video packages
*have the opportunity to interact with some of the most famous working merfolk in the world who will be participating in the Professional Workshop at the same time.

Please bring a healthy snack and a reuseable water bottle so to fuel your body for an afternoon of swimming

Merling Camp is not limited to one age group or gender but is open to everyone.  
682-706-2485                                                       Info@The

Registration Form

** Participants may use their own tails but you will still receive a fabric tail. The cost will not be prorated for those using their own tails. Tails made with sequins are allowed so long as very few sequins are found in the pool drain and/or at the bottom of the pool. The Mercademy reserves the right to ask participants to change tails in order to protect our equipment and other participants.

** Professional working mers, and those who hope to be, are welcome at The Mercademy so long as they take note of the non-compete portion of the registration paperwork. Students of The Mercademy will sign a non-compete clause as part of their paperwork that covers 300 miles from all Mercademy locations and spans a period of three (3) years. This means participants and their immediate family members are not allowed to charge money or work in exchange for other goods and/or services as a professional MerPerson. The Mercademy encourages students to enjoy their tails, safely, as a hobby and fitness routine. Should a participant want to work as a professional MerPerson, they are encouraged to apply for work with The MerFriends. Completion of The Mercademy program is not a guarantee of future work with The MerFriends. Outside of the non-compete area and time period, professional Mers have the full support of The MerFriends to pursue their dreams and career goals- safely, believably, and professionally. 
Mercademy Levels

Our sessions are not limited to one age group or gender but are open to everyone. Classes will be divided into groups based on age and skill level. Non-Swimmers and Swimmers, Male and Female, Beginners and Intermediate Mers, Children and Adults- there is a place for everyone at Mercademy!

Non-Swimmers- This is for students who cannot swim the length of the pool without stopping or requiring assistance. They will participate in merfolk training while wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket. This is NOT swim lessons, though, and formal swim lessons are HIGHLY encouraged in addition to Mercademy so students can enjoy their tails safely. 
Link to YouTube video of Non-Swimmer Class:

Beginner - These are students who are able to swim 50 yards unassisted using the stroke of your choice and demonstrate proper breathing techniques. This is not swim lessons. This is merfolk training. We will teach you how to swim like a mermaid or merman, which is a skill that builds upon prior swimming ability.
Link to YouTube video of Beginner Class

Intermediate - These students are either self taught or have had other merfolk training. They wish to build upon their skills and connect with other mers. They are able to swim the length of the pool using the dolphin kick without stopping or assistance. Safety is always the top priority, but students will be able to test their limits with more tricks, stunts, and an introduction to extended breath holds.
Link to YouTube video of Intermediate and Professional Mer Class
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