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The 2 Tails
The Mercademy 
Open House

A 1 hour workshop ideal for those who want to try out The Mercademy 
and get to know The MerFriends.

Each participant will borrow a fabric tail and learn to swim as merfolk in the water. The entire workshop will be filmed above and below the water and given to participants via private YouTube links. A photo booth will be set up poolside where students can pose for photos taken on their own devices.

Ladies, please wear a bathing suit top that is modest and supportive for swimming. This is an athletic endeavor. 

The workshop will be lead by Laura the Mermaid, a certified Water Safety Instructor and Mercademy founder and assisted by members of The MerFriends. Two lifeguards will be on duty for the entire event as well. Swimmers of all skill levels, body-types, males and females, ages 4-100 years old are encouraged to participate.

dates to be announced

Tickets are $50 per participant per Open House and are available for purchase online until 24 hours prior to the Open House. 
Registration at the door, if space remains available, is $60.

** Participants may use their own tails but you will still receive a fabric tail. The cost will not be prorated for those using their own tails. Tails made with sequins are allowed so long as very few sequins are found in the pool drain and/or at the bottom of the pool. The Mercademy reserves the right to ask participants to change tails in order to protect our equipment and other participants.

** Professional working mers, and those who hope to be, are welcome at The Mercademy so long as they take note of the non-compete portion of the registration paperwork. Students of The Mercademy will sign a non-compete clause as part of their paperwork that covers 300 miles from all Mercademy locations and spans a period of three (3) years. This means participants and their immediate family members are not allowed to charge money or work in exchange for other goods and/or services as a professional MerPerson. The Mercademy encourages students to enjoy their tails, safely, as a hobby and fitness routine. Should a participant want to work as a professional MerPerson, they are encouraged to apply for work with The MerFriends. Completion of The Mercademy program is not a guarantee of future work with The MerFriends. Outside of the non-compete area and time period, professional Mers have the full support of The MerFriends to pursue their dreams and career goals- safely, believably, and professionally. 

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